Monday, March 5, 2007

yet another long while

sigh. i wish i had the time and energy to post every week. I lurk online and yet I'm too lazy to take pics of my new ventures, but yet I visit all my frequent blogs EVERY DAY.

how lame is that?

Well today I ventured back online- to post a few new babies from this weekend. I spent an eventful Friday dyeing some roving, and spun a bit of it, although I haven't had a chance to post them on etsy. I'm thinking about knitting them into a scarf and selling that instead.

Here they are: in all of their glory (aka bathroom lighting at 11:39pm).

See these lovely little hearts? I found a pic of someone who knit these up on flickr. You can find the pattern here. Check out her other patterns too- the little gun and the hippo are oh too cute. I sent her an email and I think that there are way too many "adorable's" in it. hah.

This is one of my first successful forays into the world of superwash yarn. I dyed this up the same time I dyed my roving for spinning, but this yarn took up the dye incredibly well. I see more of this lovely stuff in the future!

These are handspun hand dyed merino wool roving, spun in a bulky thick and thin yarn. The purple one is plied with a magenta silk thread, and the grey/blue one is plied with a white silk thread. Yardage still unknown.

That's it for now!


Faith! said...

I love these yarns! Sometimes boucle(is that what this is?) looks goofy, but this is really sweet. The colors are absolutely fantastic!

natasha said...

superwash actually dyes so well, you don't need to use an acid with the dye. seriously. another tip is that if you want the color to be more blendy and soft, don't add the acid until after you get the dye where you like it, if you add acid at all. otherwise, i am sure you have noticed that you put the dye on it and it just grabs right where you apply it and the inside may not get any dye, etc. it can be super fun if you like it to be less watercolory. and it works super well in the dishwasher method which i have on my blog if you are interested.