Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Can of Worms

So I went to Borders bookstore today, with my 30% off coupon in hand searching for new craft books to buy. My book collection is really getting ridiculous by the way.

Found two new treasures:

Fleece Dog by Sinco (Nobuko Nakakubo)

A really adorable book full of tutorials for making felt dogs. The likeness is really amazing. There isn't a Maltese in it though, so I think I'll have to improvise to make one of Ronin (my furbaby).

I already have been searching the web for felting kits and glass eyes. I'm such a craft junkie.

This is my favorite: It's the one on the cover. Miniature Schnauzer- Like a little old man!

Second book:

The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo

You can make your own little Aranzi Aronzo stuffies. I'm such a big fan of Japanese stuffies, amirugumi etc. This book shows quite a bit of them. I can't wait to start making some. You can make some and add it on t-shirts or totes.

Too cute!

I think I just added felting and sewing to my repertoire. Stay tuned for some stuffies!

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