Friday, July 13, 2007

Miss you much!

Bah, been gone for a long time- again.

Had a worthy reason! Me and hubby have been trying to concieve a baby. (Try being the operative word).

Who knew it was so difficult? It's been 8 months now, and for the last few months we've just been too frustrated.

Remember when you were in high school sex ed and the teachers told you that you can almost get pregnant just by looking at each other? Apparently that's only half true. hah.

Here's a cute pic of me and the hubs. Wouldn't we make a cute baby? Sigh.

Enough of that.

I swear I have been knitting, but these days spinning just seems more of a stress reducer.

I've been dyeing up some roving and spinning.

Wanna see?

Berries Merino Roving

Bruise Merino Roving

Green Apple Merino Roving

Grapevine Merino Roving

Berries Roving spun up

This one ended up being about 250 yds of soft yarn. I think I'm going to make some socks out of it. So soft. Must eat.

Here's a close up of it:

I also dyed up some yarn while I was dyeing the roving:

I call this one Seabreeze. Blue is my favorite color. Don't know what to knit with it though.

At the end of the day, I'm so glad I have these hobbies to keep me busy. It makes me happy to make things out of scratch.

You know what ices the cake though?

Crafting with a buddy :).

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natasha said...

looks like you already have a baby! and he is very cute indeed! who does he look like, you or your hubby?