Saturday, July 21, 2007

Once you start.... you CAN'T STOP!

So I received my needle felting supplies 3 days ago, and I haven't stopped since.

This was my first time at needle felting, and it's so much fun! Now I know what to do with my mountains of unused roving.

Here are my first three attempts:

Attempt #1: Spot- the dog (?) with no appendages.
He looks kind of cute this way, so I never added any arms or legs.

Attempt #2: Mini Schnauzer.
Made this one for my hubby, since this was one of his first dogs. The hardest part of making these is the face. It didn't seem right to me, and I gave up fixing it, but looking at this picture, he is pretty cute.

Attempt #3: Bermese Mountain Dog.

This one is my favorite, and the most difficult so far. It's time consuming to layer the different shades of "dog" hair to make it seem natural.

It goes without saying that there hasn't been much knitting or spinning since this new obsession has started.

More doggies to come!


Melinda said...

Gosh those are so cute! I just found your blog via MochiMochi Land blog. Are her patterns adorable or are the adorable? Your little hearts came out great! I love the chocolate color.

PS If you are still trying to get pregnant try to relax as much as possible. I have known or heard of so many people that get preggers shortly after giving up and adopting. So try just letting nature take its course. But also have both of you checked out health wise as sometimes there is some problem. I was not able to get pregnant (ever.) Several years after giving up I found out I had tumors on both my ovaries. They were encased in endometrial tissue. I believe that was why I did not get pregnant.... wow enough on that! Enjoying your blog and have bookmarked it.

tisjewel said...

So cute! I love # 3 the best, and the last photo is so adorable, you can almost imagine them wagging their tails!

tisjewel said...

oh ps, you forgot the i in tisjewel ;)

I'm trying to add your blog to my blogroll, but it's acting up ATM.

natasha said...

that is a really good job for your first time! wow. very cute! when i first learned to spin, i accidentally bought a bunch of bumps of gross dyed wool meant for felting and tried to spin em. i didn't know there was any difference. blech. watch your lil fingies!

natasha said...

oh, and i agree with melinda, get checked out to make sure that everything is in working order (ha!) and it is so true that after people give up, they get preggers. i wouldn't be too surprised if your body gets the stress signal as an indicator that it is a bad time to be pregnant, you know? our bodies are way more clever than we realize. try to pamper yourself and just have a nice, close cuddly time together and if everything is in good condition, there is no reason it won't happen. my sister in law had all kinds of problems and then had twins by accident!